1What is the cost of new cabinetry?
The cost of a project varies from home to home. It is necessary for one of our expert techs to inspect you project site, measure, and go over your needs with you. There are a great many variables which impact the cost. We must set all of them down to provide an honest estimate to suit your budget. Call on of our customer reps at Dan’s Custom Cabinets today to inquire about setting up an appointment for your no cost, onsite inspection and measure. We are familiar with all of the finest brands and biggest discounts on the market. We will never press sales upon you. We value your time and patronage.
2Does your team provide remodeling or renovating services?
Our professional crew is happy to complete both types of projects. If you have experienced a tragedy and damage to your home, we can renovate it to look like new once again. If you simply need a bit of change in the layout of your home, give Dan’s Custom Cabinets a call to discuss your remodeling project.
3Which styles of cabinet installation does Dan’s Custom Cabinets offer?
Dan’s Custom Cabinets offers the popular European frameless cabinets. This type is often called full access cabinets. Lacking a frame, they create much more storage space. We also provide tradition, contemporary, and face frame cabinet installation. The first elements to address are which style you prefer and exactly what your family needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable reps now to inquire about our many refined design options and schedule your project inspection.
4Who actually completes the cabinet installation?
The expert technicians which make up Dan’s Custom Cabinets will complete your installation project. Once we have the schematics in place our crew will first extract any existing cabinets. This will be the official launch of your cabinet installation project. We will never set your project side, but complete it in the timeliest manner possible. Once the installation of your brand new beautiful cabinetry is complete we will clean up after ourselves. You can rest assured that we maintain ethical and sustainable practices. All of your waste will be properly disposed of.
5Does my family need to stay in a hotel or my pets at a boarding place?
We will not know what must be done to ensure your entire family’s safety until we have inspected your project. Our expert team will discuss the details with the rest us after our inspection and measure. Client safety our main priority for you, your family, and your home.
6Does Dan’s Custom Cabinets install cabinetry into craft rooms?
Our skilled and talented team can complete any cabinet installation for all of your rooms. Our clients call upon us for all sorts of installation projects. We can compete a craft or sewing room installation project. We are familiar with installing cabinets for home offices and even canning stations and pantries or laundry rooms. Call one of our knowledgeable team members today to get started on yours.
7Will I need to contact an electrician or plumber to assist in the completion of my project?
It is not usually necessary to contact either of these services. Our skilled team is experienced in light installation; home wiring; tile work; plumbing; and wooden flooring. We offer many styles of granite, marble, and quart cabinet tops as well as incorporating sophisticated back splashes. Contact us our comprehensive array of services today.